Our heritage is firmly grounded in the retail sector, working with clients across various sectors such as convenience, petrol forecourts, hardware, toys & pets, multiple grocery, technology, as well as retail estate organizations. This allows us to develop unique insights, enabling us to enhance our customers programmed are well arranged as needed. Diversified years of experience with a view of widespread we have afforded TSG with a deep understanding of how critical it is for Retail companies to maximize profitability in order to stay competitive evolving marketplace. Retail Surveys, site visits with a questionnaires simply don’t get business owners the accurate results they need about their shop and that’s why many high street store owners choose to use the services of a mystery shopping. In their view point, opinions and thoughts are documented afterwards and proceeded to the head office. These results can also be analyzed and evaluated to see where the store is losing money, if customer satisfaction is high and where areas of the business can be enhanced and improved.

Operational Excellence : Mystery Visits, Mystery Calls, Mystery Emails, Lead Management, Operational Audits

Price Tracking : Price Check Audits. Internal Controls : Internal Audits, FAVT.

Benchmarking : Competition Benchmarking, Cross Industry Benchmarking.