About Us

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About Us

Total Solutions Group (TSG) is a leading certified strategy consulting organization having over a decade long experience &  presence across all major cities in India and overseas in several continents.

WE help guide companies from conception to IPO, with effective 360 degree business management support and guidance.

Working closely with corporations and business houses we chart future plans and the business landscape. TSG as a strategy consulting firm helps you define your overall strategy and key focus areas that will chart your course forward.

This includes critical areas like market research, mystery audits and intelligence, competition mapping  amongst many other specialized services . Thus  helping companies to support organizational growth, redesign goals, recommend key expansion/acquisitions targets, improve customer satisfaction levels, improvise marketing strategies or identify (and resolve) imminent and critical costs or debt issues.

We help clients develop strategies for their organizations and add value to operations to maximize the chances of success.

Scaling up : TSG is increasing its strength and expanding on its activities and client base across the globe in the Middle East countries, South East Asia, Europe and Africa

Our Mission :  “Your Growth Is Our Aim

We provide clients with an enriched platform of growth, expansion and profit –  the reason – why we exist.

Total Solutions Group has also associated itself with strategic partners and consultants specialized in various fields, including analysts, organizational strategists and other professionals to provide its clients with comprehensive services.

Our Skills

Technology 85%

Geographic 85%

Resource 85%

Reporting 85%

Experience & Expertise 85%

Solutions Oriented Approach 85%


Kapil Malhotra

(Founder Director & CEO)