Our History

The eventful journey of an Entrepreneur to a Leading Business Advisor:

Kapil Malhotra, Founder and Director of TSG, is a chartered accountant by qualification. He started his journey around two decades back in the backdrop of the Indian economy turtishly opening up.

It was around this time in late nineties that Kapil Malhotra & Associates, a CA firm was launched. Kapil mustered around with conventional accountancy realizing that establishing and running a firm around taxes and law would take a while before it was firmly established. He then tried exploring avenues of a secured job in multinationals which kept pressuring harder the free spirit of ideas and expressions.

It was then in 2003 that Kapil  finally decided to end this code of conduct to realize the dream that he always dreamt of.

Starting a Company that was SOLUTIONS driven, in which free ideas could be INCORPORATED and establishing diasporas that addressed the corporate boundaries and was a complete roundup of all and every aspect of trade and hence addressed problems in TOTALITY. Hence was formed:

Total Solutions Incorporated, now known as the Total Solutions Group (TSG).
The breakthrough followed slowly but steadily with big corporations coming through which laid a strong foundation followed by some strong alliances.

Taking step after step the journey today has catapulted TSG into a group of specialised companies flagging them amongst the top accountancy firms through Kapil Malhotra and Associates (KMA) on one hand and amongst the leading consultancy firms on the other, while also boasting of being one of the largest Mystery Audit company in India.

A first of its kind to combine the two diametrically opposite poles of the corporate world.

Thus leading to the setting and rebranding of TOTAL SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED (TSI) to the TOTAL SOLUTIONS GROUP (TSG)


Total Solutions Group

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