FAQs Auditors

Anyone who has some spare time and has an eye for detail can become a mystery shopper provided they are above 18 years of age. The profile of a mystery shopper is based on the client's requirement

A mystery shopper is an evaluator who is assigned a task.

Mystery auditor gets the chance to make a unique difference to society by voicing their opinions about a good service or a bad service. Not only that, they get to earn some cool cash along the way as well. They get to have new and exciting experiences in their daily routines as well. By mystery shopping, one can also help improve the level of services in their hometown or city.

Not in all cases. Each project varies from the other. As a result, we will explain every situation to you before an assignment is conducted by you. In the unforeseen scenario of purchasing an item, TSI will offer the item at a reduced rate or refund the amount to you.

The payment for every audit varies basis the scope, duration and type of audit.

You can become an employee of TSI or merely register yourself as an independent mystery shopper. Mystery shopping is just a simple way of earning some extra cash with your spare time.

No, you will not be removed from the list. When you become eligible again for a Mystery Shop, you will be contacted again by us.

If for some reason you are unable to complete an assignment, you have to inform us well in advance so we can assign another Mystery Shopper to conduct the test or else it is considered as a breach of agreement.

Usually, within a certain timeframe, you are asked to go Mystery Shopping. Most of the time, you get to choos the dates and go as per your spare time as long as you send us your completed reports back to us by the set deadlines. However, in some case, clients give specific dates and time in which the assignment has to be conducted. In such situation, we will inform you before hand of any such dates or deadlines for the assignment.

We will consider that assignment to be null and void. As a result, the Mystery Shop assignment needs to be conducted again.

Previous experience is not required. Shoppers would be duly trained and guided to conduct assignments on their own.

Whenever there are assignments available, you will be sent an email giving all details of that assignment. You are not supposed to start an assignment until you get a confirmation from us.

It is advisable to fill the reports as soon as possible after the visit. This ensures that the points are fresh in your mind and that nothing is forgotten. In general, a time of 24 hours is given to submit the report after the completion of the visit. The deadline may vary from client to client.

You can do as many as possible and as per you convenience. Please note that every assignment however will be followed by an email confirmation.

Simply login your shoppers account under the shoppers tab.

The Auditor will be reimbursed for the expenses incurred while performing the shop.

Yes, after accepting a new shop you automatically accept the terms of contractor aggrement.

Our company is a member of MSPA ,so you are free from every kind of risk,comapny is the first one to face it

Yes Incentives and Bonuses are always given.

You can do it as a second job easily with the available slots according to time

We are a strategy consulting firm, Mystery Shopping is an important service we provide to our clients.

We have been in this Industry since 1998. We are one of the growing companies in this industry.

Yes, The information you give is for selecting the right person for right job that is right assignment. We would never share it with any third party.

You can call us on any number mentioned on our website. You can also follow us on facebook / twitter / LinkedIn.

Customers is the king of market,so businesses exist because of their customers. To know exactly what their customers want and feel about their business lies at the core of all businesses.

A mystery shopping 'assignment' can be a telephone call, website survey or a store visit. It involves observation( during the assignment) and writing about them in a detailed questionnaire( after the assignment).

The pay differs from assignment to assignment depending on the scenario.

The registeration is free to become a mystery auditor. However certification is chargeable and is subject to your quality of Audit.

Mystery Shopping is different and really amazing . You get to experiance different industries. Get Trainings if you want to increase your skill sets and get to go to your favourite stores or places,and so on.

We would love to have them join our shopping team.