Mystery Audits

Mystery Shopping is the art of evaluating customer services discreetly and professionally. It is a market  Read More

Internal & Operational Audits

TSG-KMA accounting systems help in accounting  to set up a right system  Read More

FGD, VOC Surveys & Market & Intelligence

Total Solutions Group (TSG)  works closely with corporations and  Read More

Franchise Development & Retail Expansion

Our latest venture is dedicated to the retail segment which has been growing Read More


Training is a program that helps employees learn specific knowledge or skills to improve performance .Read More

Fixed Asset Management

Companies own many physical assets such as computers, furniture, vehicles, tools, and office equipment Read More

Competition Mapping

Competition Mapping is all about staying ahead of the rivals’ strategies, communications and results, to give them the understanding they need to choose the right response to gain or maintain that crucial competitive Read More