Consumer Electronics


Consumer electronics mystery shopping services can be a puzzle to everyone, store owners and consumers alike. Owners of consumer electronics stores, whether they are single store owners or big box outlets, face a quandary: How do I know what is going on in my store when I’m not there? What do my customers see and feel when they walk into my store or stores? You could send someone in to check for you, but will they know what to look for? So you decide to hire a firm to provide this service, but who should you trust to do this job? Here are the qualities that you should look for when looking for a firm to provide mystery shoppers. First, look for a mystery shopping firm that has a trusted reputation. They should have a good track record, proven business model and good references from other wireless providers who have used them. Look for someone who has professional consumer electronics experience. If you send someone in who has no idea what your products do or does not understand your business, they cannot adequately evaluate how your employees and business do.

Operational Excellence : Mystery Visits, Mystery Calls, Mystery Emails, Lead Management      

Price Tracking : Price Check Audits. Internal Controls : Internal Audits, FAVT.

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