FGD, VOC Surveys & Market Research & Intelligence


Total Solution Group (TSG)  works closely with corporations and business houses  to chart  future plans and the business landscape, we as a strategy consulting firm help you define your overall strategy and key focus areas that will chart your course forward.

This includes critical areas like market research and intelligence and competition mapping. This often helps support organizational growth to launch new products or helps in  redesigning goals, recommending key expansion/acquisitions targets, and identifying (and resolving) imminent and critical costs or debt issues.

We help clients develop strategies for their organizations and add value to operations to maximize the chances of success.

TSG  assist clients in designing appropriate organizational structure, efficient operational processes as well as financial policies and procedures.

WE Provide specialized services in

  • Market Research & Intelligence – (TSI-MRI service)
  • FGD/ Voice of the Customer Survey – (TSI – VOC service)
  • Competition Mapping – (TSI-CM service)
  • Developing and Implementing Viable Business Solutions – (TSI – BS)

The vast range of primary research we carry out (specially through our several mystery audit programmes……….Read More in Mystery Audit section)

is the bedrock of our market intelligence, creating data series we can assess incrementally over the long term to track trends and forecast the future.

We have, teams of researchers on all continents and work with many of the world’s leading market research specialists to supplement and triangulate our own data sets.

 FGD/Voice of the Customer ANALYSIS – TSI-VOC

The Voice of The Customer is another key element of the market intelligence mix. Our  team of market analysts scours the globe and the evidence we gather puts you in the driving seat of your customer experience. Our  programmes are built to look at key moments within the customer journey to help you understand and evaluate a range of factors  for trade, industry and product data, which our statisticians then integrate into meaningful sizing models and future value forecasts.

Is the market growing? Is it in decline? Where is it heading next? The Voice of Customer  analysis strand is where we find the answers.

Market intelligence starts where market analysis ends.


Product Intelligence is the micro-level relevance to the macro context of our market analysis, We bring our clients real-world examples of the launches and goods that are driving the numbers to draw inferences.

TSG also looks at key customer contacts or ‘moments of truth’ that influence whether your customers will purchase your products, return or recommend to others. As you would expect our retail experience is extremely varied and we offer bespoke mystery surveys to all manner of retailers. We monitor sales by phone, on line, and face to face. We purchase phones, carpets, clothes, coal, oil, books, shoes, hampers, cheese, meat, body building protein powders and computers in fact the list is endless! Whether you are a newly started online retailer or an established chain of high street stores we can help you devise a suitable  campaign. We also survey all manner of online retailers. We can even mystery shop your competitors!

We  compile  data and explain what the data means from a variety of new products every day.

Q&As, in-store activation assessments, claim reviews and product audits provide the detail. Our category analysts explore and predict the trends to keep our clients competitive.

 Market research is not just activation assessment it requires product intelligence.