TSG has been the cornerstones in the Hospitality industry. Professionals at various locations including resorts, conference centers, hotels, bars, restaurants and spas have geared TSG deep understanding of the Hospitality industry to increase integrity, improve the quality of customer service and customize research programs allowing clients to streamline operations. We also conduct programmed on behalf of various companies across the hospitality, restaurant, food on the go and coffee shop sectors and trade. We have created an in-depth knowledge of the different challenges across each sector and use our experiences and expertise to design blended solutions to help our clients deliver the best possible experience for their customers.

Operational Excellence : Mystery Visits, Mystery Calls, Mystery Emails, Lead Management    

Price Tracking : Price Check Audits. Internal Controls : Internal Audits, FAVT, Operational

Audits. Benchmarking : Competition Benchmarking, Cross Industry Benchmarking.