Fixed Asset Management


Fixed Asset Management Systems

Companies own many physical assets such as computers, furniture, vehicles, tools, and office equipment that are used internally by employees that must be returned.  An accurate means of tracking the quantity, location, condition of these fixed assets is essential for companies to schedule preventative maintenance, deter theft, and provide accurate financial accounting.  TSG offers a solution to this problem by utilizing RFID.

The Problem

Tracking movable assets such as reusable bins in a manufacturing facility, healthcare equipment in a hospital, laptops in a company or non moveable assets like sophisticated servers in a data center full of computer equipment has usually been a labor intensive process plagued with inaccuracies.  Ineffective asset tracking can lead to an information gulf between what the company thinks it has and what it really does as assets have been misplaced, stolen, or if found aren’t in the desired condition because they haven’t been maintained effectively.

RFID asset tracking systems use a network of location based RFID fixed readers or mobile RFID handheld readers to track RFID tagged assets. Inventory counts are no longer dependent on physically having a person locate the asset first and then lining up the asset’s barcode with a barcode reader.   Moving an asset through a reader’s read zone or the vicinity of a handheld will automatically update the system.

Assets can quickly and accurately be checked in and checked out.  Reader and antennae placement can provide complete coverage of a room’s exit and entry points so the assets and users can be tracked through the last known state.  Depending on how a system is configured any assets crossing the read points can be associated with an employee badge in the read zone so the system automatically updates the database with the present location and the new status, while keeping track of what employee has which items.  Users may define scenarios that trigger alerts that can deal with exceptions or irregularities.

Implement This Solution for Your Business

TSG provide the complete solution exactly as described. Our skilled  representative will be able to guide you through the purchase, implementation, and support of this solution and will ensure that this is the best fit for your unique problem.